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digital wallet: store APPS

Does your retail store have an app? Yes or very soon..


the mobile revolution ground-level: retails apps the everyday goes digital

digital wallet online shopping mobile apps Remember when you mobile was just for calls. Then came texts, so convenient you were hooked quickly. Today we're finding an app from most of your daily needs, from a variety of stores both online and on-the-ground. So,your mobile is often your go-to wallet. Be honest, you're practically attached to your mobile, and you're rarely separated. Retailers have noticed, and apps have quickly evolved from 'cool' to common in the last year or two, and when upgrading phones many of us make sure to upgrade to a smartphone, so the growth accelerates. While most people don't use digital wallet apps yet, store apps are very common, for some of us, indispensably. Looking for coupons? Check the store app. Looking for deals? Check the store app. Need to show your reward card? Use your store app. Even finding items in store is often possible. So keep this page bookmarked, we'll be updating frequently with specific details. Today, we have an overview, but we'll add more in the fall.

key highlights: how to get the most from store and brand apps

mobile platform matters: popular= more selection

Want the best selection? You'll want either iPhone or Android. Android is the biggest player, but iPhone and Android dominate the market, so both are usually available. Also, as a former online developer myself, we tend to test much more on the dominant players, so you'll find less glitch if you're on the most popular platforms , and yes, that includes specific phones. Testing on the most popular phones as well. So, even if your less popular platform has the app, you'll likely find more issues pop up. Hopefully not too much, since frankly developing for mobile is easier for us since the structure is a bit simplified.. Good news for developers, and the rest of us using the more simplified interface of a mobile. Tablets also support apps too.

do I need them yet?

No. You may want a store app, but you simply don't need them. For a long time, stores will continue use all their traditional and entrenched electronic channels (e-mail,web, Facebook, Twiiter) methods to send coupons, announce sales, etc. Consumers like us take a LONG time to change habits, and companies know it. Expect apps to enhance or compliment current ways you buy, not to replace at least for a while. For now, think of mobile as an easier way to do things you do today, not a replacement. I love it, you'll love it, but grandma will take a lot longer to join up. People always take time to use new technology, based on habit and comfort. Also, you'll need to keep your data safe, so many people will limit their usage to avoid directly buying on your apps until they trust the security.

what you can use today

Not surprisingly, bank apps, store apps and many more digital wallet apps are pushing to your mobile quickly, especially for Apple and Android phones. Quality and consistently will vary quite a bit, and options will vary as well. For example, I recently use my CVS app to refill a prescription, so convenient. No worries about if the doctor did the refill (done).

holiday shopping

For your favorite stores and brands, add the mobile apps to your mobile phone. Retailers aren't sure what the mobile marketing will bring, so each will have their own strategies. So, why miss out on potential deals to all your favorites? One more way for you to save, but of course, you have to control your spending. Coupons and good deals only make sense when you keep your budget a priority. This is the first BIG mobile shopping year, so expect mobile apps to be a unique way to shop.



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