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The real world of mobile apps is becoming easier and easier. Rather than go drown you in facts and figures, here's some apps that make everyday life easier and better, so we focus on value added to your daily life. That's an understatement since being able to pull up your bank balance or use a reward card are incredibly useful. Quickly, I've fallen in love with apps from my current banks, retailers, grocery and pharmacy. Mobile apps have quickly become a time-saver and a money saver as well. Here's a quick recap from my everyday experience.

actual wallet apps in action.

overall insight

For both national and regional brands, clearly most retail apps are well-designed to be easy-to-use and to fit content for the screen size using a 'keep it simple' design approach. I found both regional grocery store apps from shoprite and shop & stop to be less useful, likely because the effort wasn't worth the benefits. Pharmacy apps are great to save time, while also ensuring any authorizations are done long before you reach the store. I prefer that I could set each app to confirm password before use, most have give options based on your preferences. Groupon is very useful, and great for both trying a new local business or getting a deal on your favorite shops nearby.

As always, take special note about security. If your using a public wi-fi, you could be the target of a sophisticated hack. If you leave your phone around unsupervised and without a good password, your apps are insecure. Take simple steps to keep everything safe. Note that I use the following HTC X plus, android 4 OS on ATT network. I never use public wi-fi due to security concerns, all passwords are set and complex to prevent access. To me, that's simply the same as locking my cars in the parking lot, I likely won't need to, but if I do, I'll be safe.


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