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when you always have your mobile phone on you, do you really need a bulky wallet too? More and more, the answer is not really. Your mobile apps are quickly making your life simpler, so we're here to help business and consumers keep up-to-date and find great digital wallet options. We keep up with the world of digital wallet and payment apps to guide consumers and small business owners into this brave new world.

Digital wallet world is designed to update consumers and small business leaders to use your mobile phone apps and technology to replace or supplement your physical wallet.

Both audiences will find mobile apps a great tool for everyday usage, and we expect digital wallet to transform the financial and shopping experience at a rapid pace. While not everyone will be comfortable with the new technology, today consumers can use digital wallet apps to buy groceries, access checking accounts, and pay bills. For those willing to endure some hick ups, many popular retailers have apps you download for free and you can use them today. Just don't expect perfection until the apps become mainstream, a process likely to take few years.

Anytime, anywhere. The way we pay for things continues to evolve, and your mobile or tablet is becoming your wallet in new ways. Your digital device can be your mobile phone, tablet device and laptop and computers, game systems. For your 'wallet items' think credit cards, debit cards, reward cards/loyalty cards, rechargeable store cards, coupons and gift cards. If you like standards that are already common and consistent, you'll need to wait a few years. If you enjoy trying out the latest gadgets, apps, and technologies, you can choose to try some of it out today.

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Look to digital for all your digital wallet news, tips, advice, forecasts and info to keep you informed. Channels will include news, predictions, store-by-store digital wallet advice for mobile, table, laptop and other digital devices. Simple solutions and advice for a complex digital world. We expect 2013 5o be the year of the 'digital wallet' technology, and look forward to watching the dynamic technology as usage, demand, ability and convenience grows.

We'll provide insight, advice as digital wallet evolves from concept to standards, and from novelty usage to mainstream and in a few years, to market saturation. Right now is what we call the 'bleeding' edge of technology. Stores have to add equipment, train employees, and usage will vary considerably. Discover will be using paypal in its transactions in 2013, but again we expect lots of variance from store-to-store in actual usage. Also, some phones will have NFC, some like the apple iPhones will not. Look for much more clarity in 2013.


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digital wallet: the revolution

The digital wallet concept is fairly simple. Regardless of which digital device you use, you buy stuff quickly and easily and all-digital. Sick of all those key chain store cards or having the cashier lookup your phone number or e-mail? The goal of digital wallet, eventually, is to simple and convenient.

What is a 'digital wallet'? In simple terms, digital wallet describes secure digital access and usage of all the common items found in your wallet using your mobile phone or other devices. The term digital is intended to include a wide variety of digital devices and really embraced a geeky term called 'BYOD' which stands for 'bring your own device', more often called 'anywhere, anytime'.

what's coming

Mobile app and pilots are already underway to transform your everyday payment options online, by mobile and in-store. Major players include banks like Citibank, start-ups like Square and billion-dollar Internet pioneers like Google apps and Pay Pal (and eBay company). Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts will be bringing digital wallets to customer soon, and in different ways. Starbucks via its own mobile app and via Square, Dunkin as an app version of its existing rechargeable 'DD' cards and online re-charging options.




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